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About Unity Active

Our ‘About us’ is really ‘About You’—your goals, your progress, your well-being. We’re here to provide the guidance, the inspiration, and the community you need to succeed.

The word “community” comes from the Latin “communitas,” which means “public spirit”. We’re creating a movement to build local communities through exercise and we need your help.

Amy, our founder, embodies this belief. Her journey from the world of entertainment to fitness and personal training wasn’t a change in career, but an evolution of her passion to make people feel good.

As a community, we embrace every heartbeat, every effort, and every individual story.

Flawless - Dance Fitness

Flawless, our vibrant dance class blending various styles for a fun-filled fitness journey. Each session is an adventure in rhythm, with music that inspires and steps that invigorate. Whether you’re new to dance or a seasoned mover, Flawless welcomes all ages and fitness levels to express and enjoy.

Led by an ex-professional dancer turned personal trainer, this class is more than learning routines; it’s about celebrating movement and improving well-being. 

Join Flawless and discover a world where every beat is a step towards a happier, healthier you.

6:30 PM
Narborough, Leicester
6:30 PM
Narborough, Leicester
6:30 PM
Narborough, Leicester
6:30 PM
Narborough, Leicester
6:30 PM
Narborough, Leicester

Reboot - Outdoor Summer Bootcamp

Reboot is our exhilarating outdoor bootcamp held in the serene privacy of a lawned courtyard, designed to kick-start your fitness journey. This high-energy class brings together diverse circuits that challenge your strength, stamina, and mobility.

Each session is led by experienced instructors who specialise in creating engaging, effective workouts that cater to all fitness levels.

Training outdoors not only enhances your physical performance but also boosts your mental well-being, allowing you to absorb the tranquility of nature while engaging in rigorous exercise. The combination of fresh air, natural light, and dynamic movement provides a holistic approach to fitness.

Embrace the challenge with Reboot, where you can push your limits with fellow fitness enthusiasts, and leave feeling stronger and more invigorated than ever.

July 2024
Narborough, Leicester
August 2024
Narborough, Leicester
September 2024
Narborough, Leicester

Pulse - HIIT Circuit

Pulse, our exhilarating HIIT class suitable for all fitness levels. Dive into a mix of cardiovascular and body weight exercises in a friendly, supportive group setting.

Enjoy fun, motivational music as our experienced instructor guides you to new heights of fitness. Perfect for boosting fitness, burning fat, and elevating energy levels. 

Join Pulse for a workout that’s as enjoyable as it is effective!

Coming Soon...

Elevate -Post Natal Fitness

Elevate, our nurturing post-natal fitness class, is designed to gently guide new mums back into exercise, focusing on strength, mobility, and overall wellness. Each session is tailored to ensure safety and effectiveness, helping you regain your fitness at your own pace.

Reconnect with your body in a supportive environment where making friends is as much a part of the journey as movement itself. There’s no need for a babysitter—while your baby isn’t included in the exercises, you’re welcome to bring them along to the class.

Led by instructors experienced in post-natal fitness, Elevate is more than just a workout. It’s a place to bond with fellow mums, to celebrate your body’s capabilities and to lift your spirits.

Join Elevate and rise to the joy of moving again, where every stretch and lift is a step toward feeling your best, alongside those who understand your journey.

Coming Soon...

Strike - Combat

Strike, our high-energy, martial arts-inspired workout designed to get you fighting fit. Combining elements of cardio, strength, and striking movements, this class is a total cardio blast. Work to the beat of energising music as you master powerful moves inspired by various martial arts disciplines.

In Strike, you’ll build not just physical strength, but also mental resilience. Our sessions cater to all fitness levels, providing a supportive environment where you can push your limits and discover your inner warrior. 

Join Strike and transform your workout into a journey of fitness and empowerment.

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Our Instructors

Meet our talented trainers, here to answer your questions and get you moving!



Founder, Class Instructor

Amy, founder of Unity Active, channels her stage energy into every circuit and dance class she leads. As well as being a professional singer and dancer, she’s also a personal trainer and class instructor, whose sessions are as vibrant and rhythmic as her performances. Her enthusiasm is contagious, guaranteeing an electrifying workout that's both fun and effective.

Katy profile


Class Instructor

Katy is your expert guide at Unity Active, with 8 years in the fitness world and a passion for whole-body wellness. As a mother and a fitness instructor, she excels in pre and postnatal training, infusing each class with energy and support for every step of your journey. Join her classes to enhance your well-being and unlock your full potential.

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